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Hi, I'm Ashley

I believe that parenting our children begins with re-parenting ourselves. I help people re-design their parenting experience for a more conscious, connected home. 

Conscious Parenting eBook

Re-parenting Your Inner Child To Parent Your Children

This 10-page eBook is an invitation to lovingly witness the child within so that you can consciously parent your children.

* Recognize and understand your current-day triggers as echoes from your past
* Gain a step-by-step flow for taming your emotional overwhelm
* Consciously parent your child through their big emotions and challenging behaviors

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You are the expert

... and I am the guide by the side.

You are already whole; the exact parent for the job. 

There are several gimmicks out there that pull us, parents, away from this innate awareness, and as such, we often find ourselves parenting from a fear and control-based place.


The conscious path to parenting acknowledges the wholeness of both the parent and the child, using empathy, compassion, curiosity, and leadership as the key ingredients for a more peaceful home.

The Conscious Parenting Path

We all have an authentic need for safety. As children, we learn how to make our first family systems work for us because we depend on them for survival. To do this, we grow the parts of us that our system wants and minimize the parts they don’t. We become coded with a belief system about who we are and how we have to operate. 


Most of us continue to live out the narrative of our belief systems well into adulthood. However, what once started as adaptive often becomes symptomatic. When we remain unconscious of this patterned conditioning, we enter parenthood and see our children from the lens of our programming, thus creating stories about them. 


We attempt to fix, sermonize, and control our children in the face of their big emotions and challenging behaviors, and we yell, lecture, or resort to punitive measures even when we don’t want to. Inadvertently, we pull our children out of their authenticity as has been done to us, slowly chipping away at their unique signature. In this way, our children take on the emotional inheritance of not only us but of generations past as we perpetuate the cycle. Because these patterns are unconscious, it’s a hard cycle to break.


This is where coaching comes in. Conscious parent coaching offers gentle guidance, holding up a mirror to your patterned beliefs and reactive habits in a way that can be accessed by the subconscious mind. In doing this inner work, you reclaim the forgotten parts of yourself and develop new behavior patterns. This builds the foundation for you to become your child’s growth partner, seeing them not as a projection of your beliefs but as they truly are. When we understand ourselves and our children, it is then that we can access discipline tools from a conscious lens. 


Each coaching package will move from this layered approach. 

You, the parent

Here we will: Establish personal values; make peace with your parenting past; identify your current parenting patterns; understand the origin of your triggers; create a dialogue with your inner child and protective parts; examine your fears, limiting beliefs, and projections; learn somatic, mindfulness and self-regulation tools to consciously respond (instead of passively reacting) to your children.

Your child

​Here we will: Understand your child's emotions and behaviors through the lens of attachment and development; invite internal safety through appropriate expectations; uncover their unmet needs to get to the root of their challenges; recognize your child’s unique trigger thresholds and meltdown language; and practice acceptance for the essential beings they are.

Discipline Tools

Parenting tools are unique to each family as each family system is unique. Topics may include establishing sturdy leadership; setting boundaries; establishing family values; navigating transitions and routines; managing sibling rivalry; effective co-regulation, empowered communication, and creative problem-solving; tools for repair, and more.


Book a free 45-minute Consultation

What are your current parenting pain points? What are your parenting values and north stars? What are your parenting goals? After deepening this understanding and offering some tangible nuggets, we will discuss your next steps to a more conscious, connected home.

"Is This Normal" Conscious Parenting Assessment

Book a 60-minute Zoom call to identify your parenting values, patterns, triggers, and hidden goals; take your first steps in understanding your child's unique development; discuss your parenting pain points with actionable steps and workable scripts to navigate tricky moments; and gain access to the "Doing Better" Conscious Parenting Program.

Amanda Ward

“I came to Ashley for help with managing my child's meltdowns. Her approach is very parent-centric, so I found that while I gained a ton of tools for my parenting toolbelt, the experience was also one of self-growth."

Catherine Liggett

"With her considerable skills and experience as a conscious and profoundly compassionate mother and parent educator, Ashley brings great depth and expertise to the work of reparenting ourselves. In helping you build a safe and loving relationship with yourself, Ashley's Empathic Witnessing sessions cannot help but change how you show up from the inside out."

Suzanne Tucker

“Ashley is masterful at restoring calm and confidence, guiding parents with practical tools, science, and compassion without preaching. The best coaches don't tell you what ot do, they listen and help you listen deeply to yourself such that you find the guidance within. This is Ashley Patek.”
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