Hi, I'm Ashley

I believe that parenting our children begins with re-parenting ourselves. I help people re-design their parenting experience for a more conscious, connected home. 

Conscious Parenting E-book:

Diffusing Your Child's Meltdowns (& yours, too)

Filled with lots of tips, scripts, and good info for a more conscious, connected home. 

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The Conscious Path

You are the expert, and I am the guide by the side.

I am a firm believer that you are already whole; the exact parent for the job. 

There are several gimmicks out there that pull us, parents, away from this innate awareness, and as such, we often find ourselves parenting from a fear and control-based place. 

The conscious path to parenting acknowledges the wholeness of both the parent and the child, using connection as the key ingredient for a more peaceful home.

You, the parent

When parenting our children, there is an invitation to also re-parent ourselves. As we turn inward and nurture the child within, it greatly influences how we perceive and respond to our children's emotions and behaviors. In tenderly witnessing ourselves with love and compassion, we get to the root of our challenges and we break the cycle, freeing our kids from our emotional (& childhood) wounding. 

Here we will: Identify your current parenting patterns, understand the origin of your triggers, create a dialogue with your inner child and protective parts, and learn mindfulness and self-regulation tools to consciously respond (instead of passively reacting) to your children.

Your child

Our children have an inborn, evolutionary mechanism of attachment that wires them to notice which parts of them both draw and threaten closeness to us. They are always looking to preserve that attachment. What we as parents often view as defiance is actually development. Due to their highly immature circuitry, they lack the skills to communicate their needs and regulate their emotions. 

Here we will: Understand your child's emotions and behaviors, uncover their unmet needs to get to the root of their challenges, and choose tools for greater connection and cooperation, creating a home where everyone in the system feels seen and heard. 


Work With Me

Amanda Ward

“I came to Ashley for help with managing my child's meltdowns. Her approach is very parent-centric, so I found that while I gained a ton of tools for my parenting toolbelt, the experience was also one of self-growth."

Catherine Liggett

"With her considerable skills and experience as a conscious and profoundly compassionate mother and parent educator, Ashley brings great depth and expertise to the work of reparenting ourselves. In helping you build a safe and loving relationship with yourself, Ashley's Empathic Witnessing sessions cannot help but change how you show up from the inside out."

Suzanne Tucker

“Ashley is masterful at restoring calm and confidence, guiding parents with practical tools, science, and compassion without preaching. The best coaches don't tell you what ot do, they listen and help you listen deeply to yourself such that you find the guidance within. This is Ashley Patek.”